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Lightcast Analyst Economic Development Service

Lightcast is a web-based tool that provides access to key regional information on human capital, industries, and occupations. Data is available for any county, zip, MSA or multi-state region. The data is a composite of more than 80 federal, state, and private data sources.

Lightcast is used by education professionals to improve connections between their programs and the labor market. Lightcast is used by workforce experts to analyze labor markets so they can connect employers with jobs seekers. Lightcast provides Economic developers with the data necessary to better serve local businesses, educators and workforce professionals.

LIghtcast's custom economic analysis includes the following types of reports:

  • Impact Studies (education, workforce and industry)
  • Targeted industry/cluster analyses
  • Workforce/labor market analyses (including competency analyses)
  • Economic gap analyses
  • Asset mapping
  • Input-Output Scenarios for Employment Changes

Click here for examples of reports Lightcast can produce for hypothetical situations of job losses, job increases etc.

Examples of questions that could be addressed by LIGHTCAST are

  • Economic impact of the addition of 100 jobs in a specific industry
  • Economic impact of a business closing
  • What are the major assets of a region (e.g. population demographics, employment etc.)
  • The composition of a regional workforce
  • Analysis of industry clusters in the region
  • Determine talent gaps in region

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For further information on Lightcast go to their web site at www.lightcast.io.