EMSI Data Request

The information provided to you from your request to the Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC) comes through a contract with Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (EMSI). EMSI is an economic analysis firm that provides data useful in the strategic planning and impact assessment to educational institutions, workforce development boards, and economic development organizations. It allows users to conduct input-output analysis to better understand the impacts of an industry’s expansion or contraction or simulate the effects an event will have on other businesses and industries.

The data, reports, forecasts, and/or services provided by EMSI are generated using government data and proprietary processes. EMSI uses estimates when there are missing data points, and such estimates are subject to varying degrees of error. EMSI’s data, reports, forecasts, and services may differ significantly from actual outcomes and are provided “as is” without warranty for a particular purpose or project. As such MRRPC makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy, usefulness or reliability of the EMSI information being provided to you.

Furthermore the MRRPC shall assume no liabilities for any losses that may result from you using or not being able to use EMSI information or for any damages that may result from you using EMSI through the MRRPC.

  • Project Description: In the project description below, please include the following:
    1. Purpose of the project
    2. Describe the type of information you would optimally like to receive from this data request
    3. Project location and impact area
    4. If this is a "what if" request please provide the specific industry or economic sectors you are interested in and/or the types and number of jobs. Please use the North American Industry Classification (Code) look-up below to specifically identify the industry or economic sector you are interested in.
    5. Please describe how the information requested may lead to any of the following: (a) jobs, (b) increased tax base, (c) property tax savings through better informed decisions?
    6. Is this request confidential?
  • Generally EMSI Data requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Data requests that are deadline sensitive and/or could influence a probable economic development project will take precedent over data requests that are not as time sensitive.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.