MRRPC Freight Strategy


The Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC) Multimodal Freight Strategy is designed to support
the analysis and development of a freight system strategy for the nine-county MRRPC region in Western Wisconsin.
The region borders Minnesota and is at the confluence of major freight infrastructure in the Upper Midwest while
also being within a day or less drive of all the most populated places in the Great Lakes Megaregion, including
Minneapolis-St Paul, Chicago, Milwaukee, St Louis, and Indianapolis. The Region is also along major highway and
railroad corridors linking East and West markets in the US; as well as the Mississippi River, linking the Midwest to
Gulf Coast barge destinations. The purpose of this strategy is to transcend traditional planning boundaries and
provide a strategy for rural areas represented by the MRRPC – including portions of two separate WisDOT districts
(Southwest and Northwest) and three separate WEDC Regions (1, 9, and 10).


Project Approach:

  • Develop background information on demographics, economics, and transportation

  • Characterize the importance of freight movement in the region

  • Conduct outreach to business and system users

  • Provide an analysis and summary of goods movement

  • Create growth projections for major freight commodities

  • Identify community and environmental impacts of freight transportation

  • Create opportunities and strategies based on data findings

  • Create content to be used for comprehensive planning

Opportunities to Contribute:

The project team has produced an interactive wikimap and brief survey for anyone involved in goods movement for the region:





For additional information contact:

Ken Harwood, Planner - MRRPC

608.785.9396 |