From funding start-ups or expansions to meeting business refinancing needs,
having the right amount of capital at the right time to retain or grow a business is
important both for business success and economic development. The terms and
conditions of capital needed by a business often cannot be provided by
conventional bank financing. To fill this need dozens of financing programs have
been created over the years at the local, state and federal levels. Keeping apprised
of financing programs can be a challenge. Businesses may miss out on
opportunities because many programs are not marketed; meaning missed
economic development opportunities for the region.  The
Mississippi River
Regional Planning Commission Business Financing Guide - March 2014  is
an attempt to diminish these missed opportunities. Within this Guide we have
gathered important information on the less well known to the most prominent and
useful business funding programs, so businesses, lenders, economic development
professionals and local officials have ready access to key facts and contacts. The
Guide also provides information on how the funding programs can be used
together, since many business projects involve more than one financing program.
MRRPC Business Financing Guide
Providing Planning and Economic Development Services to Improve the Region's Environment, Economy and Quality of Life